350z 500hp Build

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Camera 2019 - 350z 500hp Build, Turbo upgrades, turbochargers, bolt-on turbos, garrett, Up to 350hp (octane dependent), ball bearing gtrs bolt-on turbo kit utilizing stock exhaust manifold in stock location.this unit is uniquely built to drop right in and replace your stock turbo.. Nissan 240sx questions - s13 motor choice - cargurus, If you are really going to put $20,000 in an engine swap get a tb48de engine from the nissan patriot. build the internals, have someone make you a custom turbo manifold, slap a garrett gt4780 .96 a/r on it, do the supporting mods and you now have a $20,000 engine that will smoke a lamborghini.. V-hate: a perfect 240z - speedhunters, One big reason is cost. all in, the ls1 is a bit cheaper to build than a 1uz with the same power output. you can drop $12k into a 1uz and come out with a high revving strung out engine with only 450hp, while that same $12k in an ls1 would get you over 500hp with money to spare for other goodies..

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