Advantages Of Abolishing Minimum Wage

Camera 2019 - Advantages Of Abolishing Minimum Wage, The pros and cons of abolishing minimum wage - 954 words, Abolishing minimum wage 1808 words 8 pages. abolishing the minimum wage many americans think of the minimum wage as a means of raising the income of the working people. however, the minimum wage is not the best way to combat poverty. in fact, the minimum wage does more harm than good.. Minimum wage: pros & cons |, As of june 2010, the state of alabama had no minimum wage requirement, while the state of washington had the highest minimum wage at $8.55 per hour.. Abolish the minimum wage | all debates | debate | iq2us, The first attempt at establishing a national minimum wage, a part of 1933’s sweeping national industrial recovery act, was struck down by the supreme court in 1935. but in 1938, under the fair labor standards act, president franklin d. roosevelt signed into law a minimum hourly wage of 25 cents—$4.07 in today’s dollars..