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Camera 2019 - Adventure Time Wiki Lich, The lich | adventure time super fans wiki | fandom powered, The lich is an undead villain that first appeared in the episode "his hero," where billy punches him with the gauntlet of the hero billy. his species is from the species known as lich. lich is a magical undead sorcerer that can cast many different spells to cast off foes. the lich has the power.. The lich - wikipedia, "the lich" is the twenty-sixth episode and season finale of the fourth season of the american animated television series adventure time. the episode was written and storyboarded by tom herpich and skyler page, from a story by patrick mchale, kent osborne, pendleton ward.. The lich (character) | adventure time wiki | fandom, The lich (formerly known as the lich king) is a necrotic villain in adventure time. his first appearance is in "his hero" during a flashback about the adventures of the great hero billy. he plays the main villain in "mortal folly" and "mortal recoil," where he nearly kills princess bubblegum..

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The lich (adventure time) | vs battles wiki | fandom, The lich is a being whose primary function is to bring death and destruction, and when he is unable to kill anything, he becomes paralyzed note: according to the adventure time encyclopedia, hunson abadeer admits the lich is his only real rival.. The lich | adventure time fanon wiki | fandom powered by wikia, The lich (formerly: the lich king) is a powerful necrotic creature and the main antagonist in adventure time. his first appearance is in "his hero" during a flashback about the adventures of the great hero billy.. The lich | lego dimensions wiki | fandom powered by wikia, The lich is one of the non-playable characters in lego dimensions from the adventure time franchise. the lich (formerly named the lich king in the original pitch and "his hero," and referred to as sweet pig trunks in his baby form, or just sweet p for short) is a powerful undead being and a.. Lich (adventure time) | monster wiki | fandom powered by wikia, Lich (adventure time) edit. classic editor history comments share. the lich in his truest form. the lich is an undead monster of nearly infinite power. his origins are still vague, but it is known that he was created after the detonation of a nuclear bomb. the nuke was of unknown explosive yield..

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