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agfa silette 1 vintage 1960s retro lomo 35mm film camera

Camera 2019 - Agfa 35mm Camera, Agfa ambi silette 35mm film rangefinder camera review, The agfa ambi silette is an odd duck. here we have an all-metal, fully mechanical, interchangeable lens rangefinder camera with bright-line frame lines for three focal lengths, parallax correction, and a sophisticated leaf shutter.. Agfa film 35 mm film format cameras for sale | ebay, Agfa optima 1035 - 35mm camera - 2.8 / 40mm solitar - with case tested. everything is functioning well. in good condition with normal signs of use.. Agfa - - the free camera encyclopedia, Agfa improved its prewar camera models and introduced the new 35mm solinette. in 1954 it modernized its camera design with the silette series. the pre-war isolette was the basis of the highly successful series of medium format folders in the 50s, culminating in the super isolette and the automatic 66 (a folding camera with aperture priority ae ..

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another overview of classic beauty. this one was made in the good ole us of a. it uses 35mm film to shoot half frame size pictures. this is ansco memo half frame camera. a 1930 agfa german camera. this feature is not available right now. please try again later.

Agfa | camerapedia | fandom powered by wikia, In 1959 a 35mm viewfinder camera with autoexposure button followed, the optima. in 1964 agfa introduced the rapid system as an answer to kodak's 126 film . the company debuted cameras accepting 126 film in 1967.. Leica m5 - 35mm film camera review - casual photophile, Brass tacks – what’s an m5. the leica m5 is an interchangeable lens 35mm film rangefinder camera. it’s a manual-exposure camera with a mechanical shutter capable of continually variable speeds from 1/1000th of a second to a half-second (plus bulb mode) with light meter assistance provided by a battery-powered through-the-lens cds spot-metering cell.. Agfa parat i (1963) - mike eckman dot com, What is it? this is an agfa parat i, a 35mm half frame camera made in west germany between the years of 1963 and 1968. the parat i was the most basic model in agfas parat lineup of half frame cameras, which also consisted of the paramat and optima parat which both featured shutter priority automatic exposure.. Agfa price guide: estimate a camera value - collectiblend, Later, in 1928, agfa merged with an american company, ansco, to become agfa-ansco. during the next decade, the company experienced a number of mergers and name changes, but in 1941 the agfa and ansco companies were finally split, and agfa was absorbed (again) by ig farben ..

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