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Camera 2019 - Best Scuba Diving Spots, Best diving in the world: top 10 dives in 2018 - scuba travel, Have you dived the world's best dive sites?. the dive spots are fairly evenly balanced between northern and southern hemispheres, the south winning by 6 entries to 4. it is also a 6:4 ratio in reefs versus wrecks. 1. barracuda point, sipadan, malaysia. 2. blue corner wall, palau, micronesia. 3. the yongala, australia.. 50 best dive sites in the world | sport diver, While the diving is excellent at shore sites such as lover’s point and breakwater, the best diving is 15 minutes away in point lobos national park. only 15 scuba-diving buddy groups are allowed into the park each day, ensuring the reefs remain pristine and the marine life unmolested.. 10 best destinations for shore diving | scuba diving, The 10 best things to do in tasmania, including the best dive sites and topside activities. posted nov 11th, 2018 the best scuba diving sites in tasmania and things to do when you take a trip to tasmania..

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https: simplyscuba join mark as he talks about the top 5 best places to dive in the usa. 5. monterey bay, california https: youtube watch?. 10 best dive spots in the world.the best places for diving: bunaken, cocos island, galapagos islands,great barrier reef, great blue hole, maldives reefs, micronesia, red sea reef, similan islands .

Best scuba diving in the world | top 12 best places to, Belize's most famous dive site is the blue hole, currently ranked among the top 12 best places to scuba dive in the world. belize boasts one of the best coral reefs in the world , and the largest reef system in the northern hemisphere, making it one of the biggest dives in the blue hole, belize.. The 6 best places to scuba dive & snorkel in thailand, The 6 best scuba diving & snorkeling spots in thailand if you’re a fan or snorkeling or scuba diving you will love thailand. thailand is one of the most popular destinations for lovers of the marine world, with plenty of opportunities all around the country to try both snorkeling and scuba diving.. The best scuba diving destinations in the caribbean, Some scuba diving destinations are legendary. others are known for one thing or another: spectacular reefs, wrecks, whales, sharks, walls or cenotes. the caribbean’s best scuba diving .. Top 10 dive sites in the world that you need to explore in, Updated 2018 ~ the top 10 best diving places in the world that should be on every divers bucket list. where are you going diving this year? here is the best ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ guide to the worlds top dive spots..

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