Bioptic Telescopic Lenses

lenses help eye patient zoom in on better vision (03/24/11)

Camera 2019 - Bioptic Telescopic Lenses, Bioptics (device) - wikipedia, Bioptics, also known as a bioptic in the singular, and sometimes more formally termed a bioptic telescope, is a term for a pair of vision-enhancement lenses.they magnify between two and six times, and are used to improve distance vision for those with severely impaired eyesight, especially those with albinism.they can either be a combination of head-mounted eyeglasses (termed the "carrier .. Albinism and driving | national organization for albinism, Many people with albinism have low vision and want to drive a car. the vast majority of driving decisions are based upon vision. an overview of some of the basic visual characteristics applicable to safe driving, and about driving with bioptic telescopes, to help people with albinism make decisions about driving.. Driving with low vision - visionaware, A bioptic lens system is a combination two-lens optical system with a telescope, or telescopes, attached to the lens of a pair of eyeglasses. the telescope is placed on the eyeglass lens just above one's normal line of sight..

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