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Camera 2019 - Camera And Computer Arts Quizlet, Ch 9 camera & computer arts flashcards | quizlet, By the 1980s, w/ the advent of the digital age, the camera arts including photography, film, and video, and the _____ became intertwined.. Art appreciation chapter 9: camera & computer arts - quizlet, Camera is a light-tight box, opening on one end (lets light in), lens to focus and reflect light, and light sensitive surface to receive image and hold it. (can't reserve image) - by 17th c. camera obscura became a ____ instead of a whole room. Chapter 9: camera and computer arts flashcards | quizlet, Start studying chapter 9: camera and computer arts. learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools..

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Ch. 9 camera and computer arts flashcards, A light tight box. one end admits light, a lens focuses and refracts this light, and an image is captured on a light sensitive surface.. Chapter 9: camera and computer arts - art 131 with minardi, Chapter 9: camera and computer arts; ashley d. • 6 cards. camera obscura. photography. latin for "dark room," based on the principle that in a light-tight room, a projection on the outside will be small and upside down on a white paper, when you poke a small hole in the room to admit light..