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Camera 2019 - Concave Convex Lenses, Difference between convex and concave lens (with figure, Convex lens concave lens; meaning: convex lens refers to the lens which merges the light rays at a particular point, that travels through it. concave lens can be identified as the lens which disperses the light rays around, that hits the lenses. figure: curve: outward: inward: light: converges: diverges: centre and edges: thicker at the center, as compared to its edges.. Lens (optics) - wikipedia, Convex-concave (meniscus) lenses can be either positive or negative, depending on the relative curvatures of the two surfaces. a negative meniscus lens has a steeper concave surface and is thinner at the centre than at the periphery. conversely, a positive meniscus lens has a steeper convex surface and is thicker at the centre than at the periphery.. What are the uses for concave lenses and convex lenses, Concave lenses are used for correcting myopia or short-sightedness. convex lenses are used for focusing light rays to make items appear larger and clearer, such as with magnifying glasses. a concave lens contains at least one inwardly-curved surface, and it is also referred to as a divergent lens..

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shows what happens to parallel light rays when they reflect off a concave and convex mirrors and what happens when they pass through concave and convex lenses. mention the three rules for obtaining images by convex lens. 7. draw a diagram to show the position, relative size and nature of the image when the object is kept beyond 2f1

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