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Camera 2019 - Famous Leica Photos, Famous leica users | leicaphilia, This entry was posted in famous leica users, film photography, leica, leica film camera, leica history, philosophy of photography and tagged dorothea lange, ralph gibson on march 22, 2018 by leicaphila. amelia earhart’s leica….. Famous photos taken with a leica: leica talk forum, He is specifically quoted as carrying two contaxes and 120 camera(s) (probably rolleis) onto the beach, but having shot all the action photos on 35mm (i.e. contax). unfortunately, and famously, most of the shots were ruined by over-aggressive drying in the darkroom tech's rush to get the photos to publication.. 178 best famous people with leica images on pinterest, The"leica myself" photos made it to the front page of photo international in germany. find this pin and more on famous people with leica by kiril velchev. self portrait - leica leica m rangefinder leicas and rolex - nice! photography is easy to learn about; photo by florenz..

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a member and former president of magnum photos, thomas hoepker has defined german photojournalism like few others. in this video, he discusses his new book "wanderlust," his travels around the . which focal length should you get for street photography - 28mm, 35mm or 50mm? is the 50mm classic for a reason? is the 28mm too wide? or is the 35mm the per.

Five cameras used by famous photographers - casual photophile, [all image sources linked through images] leica m3 / henri cartier-bresson. we’ll start this list off with the most famous camera of them all, leica’s m3, the chosen tool of the french master and pioneer of street photography, henri cartier-bresson.. Celebrating 100 years of the leica camera - the independent, The independent culture place blanche, paris, 1961, shot by christer strömholm ( christer strömholm/strömholm estate, 2014 ) it was the beginning of photography as we know it.. Famous leica users | leicaphilia | page 2, This entry was posted in famous leica users, leica, leica advertisements on august 11, 2015 by leicaphila. elliott erwitt’s m3 this entry was posted in famous leica users , leica m3 and tagged elliott erwitt on june 12, 2015 by leicaphila .. 10 photographers share their favorite pictures shot with a, To mark the 60th anniversary of its m line of rangefinder cameras, leica recently interviewed 10 well known photographers about their experience with the camera and their favorite photos captured ..

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