Feminine Form Of Fuhrer

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Camera 2019 - Feminine Form Of Fuhrer, What is the female equivalent of an overlord - answers.com, The noun for a male ruler is emperor; the noun for a female ruler is empress .. Looking for a german word [archive] - straight dope, The female form is in use as a generic female form for 'leader' and also was in use during the third reich as part of female senior functionaries' title (e.g. the president of the nazi womens' league was the reichsfrauenführerin). of course the situation postulated by the op couldn't have happened politically - a woman as overall leader,.. English translation of “führer” | collins german-english, [ˈfyːrɐ] masculine noun or führerin [-ərɪn] feminine noun word forms: führer , führers genitive , führer plural word forms: führerin , führerin genitive , führerinnen plural 1..