Illegal Contact Lenses

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Camera 2019 - Illegal Contact Lenses, Illegal halloween contact lenses - learn about counterfeit, Illegal halloween contact lenses – operation double vision in october 2016, u.s. immigration and customs enforcement (ice) announced that they joined forces with the u.s. food and drug administration (fda), and u.s. customs and border protection.. Buying contact lenses - food and drug administration, With a valid contact lens prescription, it is possible to purchase your contact lenses from stores, the internet, over the phone or by mail.. Illegal contact lenses latest in texas -, The risks of using illegal non-prescription lenses include blindness, infections, allergic reactions and even the loss of an eye. “my office’s contact lens sweep is a reminder to texans to safeguard their vision by using only contact lenses prescribed for them by a licensed practitioner,” attorney general paxton said..

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Illegal Contact Lenses - the dangers of illegal contact lenses

the south carolina department of consumer affairs warns that illegally obtained cosmetic contact lenses can lead to disease, damage to the eye, and even blindness. and experts are warning the public to protect their vision by avoiding the temptation to buy non-prescription or decorative lenses from an un-regulated source.

Are colored contact lenses for halloween costumes safe, Illegal sale of contact lenses can result in civil penalties of up to $16,000 per violation. if you see contact lenses being sold by retailers not requiring a prescription, you can report the retailer to the fda .. Selling contact lenses without a prescription | wk law, Selling contact lenses without a prescription selling contact lenses without a prescription is in fact a crime. halloween stores and other retail outlets sometimes sell over the counter contact lenses without a prescription, but many people do not realize this is a crime..

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