Leica 35mm Summicron Asph

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Camera 2019 - Leica 35mm Summicron Asph, Leica 35mm summicron-m f/2.0 asph rangefinder lens review, The leica 35mm summicron-m asph f/2.0 can be made into a sexy looking lens with the original leica 12504 lens shade in chrome. to find the chrome lens shade, you may have to look in every corner of many camera stores, as malou lasquite from switzerland did to acquire this one for her leica m9-p and matching chrome lens.. The leica 35mm summicron asph vs the summarit 2.5. which, If you could only own one lens for your leica m, most photographers would say it should be a 35mm lens (or 50mm ;-)). i have been through a few different 35mm m mount lenses, namely the summicron v4, the voigtlander nokton 1.2, the summarit 2.5 and the summicron asph.. Review: film leica mp + leica 35mm f/2 summicron asph, Leica 35mm f/2 summicron asph man with red tape. venice, 2013. leica mp + leica summicron 35mm f2 asph + kodak portra 400. the leica 35mm f/2 summicron asph is known as the “modern” leica 35mm lens. it was designed to be used on modern digital leica m bodies. it is bigger, heavier, and sharper than the older leica 35mm f/2 summicron lenses..

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Leica 35mm Summicron Asph - leica summicron m 35mm f/2 asph lens review

leica summilux-m 35mm f 1.4 asph lens - leica review - street photography . the best price for leica summilux-m 35mm f 1.4 asph lens: . you can find some great bargains on leica 35mm summicron . hey everyone, it's brennan chiming in here with some brief thoughts on my experience with the freshly updated leica 35mm summicron.

Leica 35mm summicron asph vers. 2 — street silhouettes, From left to right - pre-aspherical 35mm summicron version iv "king of bokeh", 35mm summicron asph (previous version), and 35mm summicron asph version 2 (current version). also notice the white scuff marks on the previous version summicron (in the middle).. 7artisans 35mm f/2 lens review (comparison with the leica, In this post, i will compare the new 7artisans 35mm f/2 lens ($289) with the leica summicron-m 35mm f/2 asph lens model 11879 ($3,295):. general observations. in my tests i removed the lens hood of the leica summicron lens since the 7artisans lens doesn't come with a lens hood..

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