Leica 50mm 95

leica 50mm (5cm) f/3.5 elmar collapsible red scale screw

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Leica 50mm 95 - world's best 50mm lens? leica noctilux f/0.95 review

i have not until i unboxed a leica 50mm f 0.95 noctilux lens. you heard that right, its not a 2.8 or a 1.4 its a .95. this is the fastest lens currently on the market and it is said to be one of . review of the mitakon speedmaster 50mm f 0.95 pro ii (the dark knight), for sony fe-mount, for my a7s. plus a short film, shot entirely at f 0.95. aperture and bokeh is insane - perfect for film .

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