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Camera 2019 - Leica M 50mm, Leica noctilux-m 50mm f/0.95 asph. lens (black) 11-602 b&h, One of the most legendary lenses in leica's m-mount lineup, the black noctilux-m 50mm f/0.95 asph. is an ultra-fast normal-length prime characterized by its unique rendering quality, ability to isolate subject matter, and exceptional low-light performance. based on a classic double gauss optical design, the lens employs a pair of aspherical elements, anomalous partial dispersion glass, and .. Leica noctilux-m 50mm f/1 mf lens | ebay, Leica lens luxury and a must for lovely low light photography. great lens to have for a leica m camera addict. it's performance in low light is incredible.. Leica m 50mm lenses compared (x11) +leica lens guide!, As a leica photographer i have now collected quite a few 50mm leica m mount lenses. i am always interested how one lens performs against another and until i can decide my favourites i am not selling any..

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Leica M 50mm - leica summilux-m 50mm f/1.4鏡頭有四個版本

leica summicron-m apo 50mm f 2.0 asph lens - favorite lens review leica review . to find out the best price of leica summicron-m apo 50mm lens: . review of leica 50mm summilux aspherical by . it’s uncanny that whenever i’m complimented for my cinematography, 9 out of 10 times it’s a video i shot with a leica-r lens. these lenses are absolutely essential to my kit as well as many .

Leica 50mm f/2 summicron-m (1979-today) - ken rockwell, This leica summicron-m 50mm f/2 is the oldest optical design in leica's catalog, having been introduced in 1979. i'm usually showing the current cosmetic version, made from 1994-today. the earlier 1979-1994 version has the same superior optics and a focus tab instead of a ring, but has no built-in hood.. The leica 50mm summilux-m asph f/1.4 review, sample photos, Leica 50mm summilux-m asph f/1.4 on leica m 240 and the globetrotter limited edition camera bag made for the leica store ginza in tokyo. why the leica 50mm summilux is an apo lens i asked if the design was the same why the 75 was an apo lens and the 50 wasn’t.. Leica lenses - ken rockwell, Leica summarit-m 50mm f/2.5 (low-price, unremarkable lens für voigtländer und zeiss kameras) 2007-today, 39mm filters, 230g. 11 644. i haven't used this new lens, but the other summarit-m lens i used had superb optical quality with sub-par mechanical quality.. Leica summarit 50 1.5 | vintage camera lenses, The summarit 50mm 1.5 is one of the fastest classic leica lenses, specially targeted towards photographers who wanted to shoot in dim light. it was introduced in 1949 as the successor of the leica xenon 1.5 50mm..

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