Leica M 90

昭和紀念公園_14 | zeiss ikon rf+leica elmarit m 90/2.8+fujifilm

Camera 2019 - Leica M 90, Leica summicron-m 90mm f/2 (1980-1998) - ken rockwell, This leica summicron-m 90mm f/2 was leica's most expensive 90mm lens for 18 years from 1980 until the even more spectacular leica apo-summicron-m 90mm f/2 asph replaced it in 1998 performance-wise, this lens is better than its predecessor, the leica leitz summicron 90mm f/2 (1958-1980), and not as good as the leica apo-summicron-m 90mm f/2 asph which replaces it.. Leica 90mm f/2.8 elmarit-m - ken rockwell, The leica elmarit-m 90mm f/2.8 is optically perfect. the leica 90/2.8 is ultra-sharp even wide-open in the corners, and has no distortion or ghosts.. M-lenses // leica m-system // photography - leica camera ag, Take powerful photographs anytime, anywhere. the leica m-system is known to be the most compact full-frame camera system. thus we designed fast and compact lenses that not only use the finest lens elements, but also emphasize the m-system’s strengths..

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