Leica M4 Vs M6

Camera 2019 - Leica M4 Vs M6, Leica m3, m4 vs m6 | photo.net photography forums, If you are going to use the camera for photography, the meter in the m6 is hard to dismiss. i came up through all of the ms (except m5), and my m6 gets the nod for actual shooting simply because of the meter.. Leica m4-p vs. leica m6 archives • mrleica.com, 5.4 leica m4-p vs leica m8 / leica m9 / leica m240 for completeness, the leica m4-p is better than my leica m8, leica m240 and the leica m9 i replaced as the m4-p is analogue! i probably don’t need to say any more other than to use the hashtags #believeinfilm, #filmisthefuture ! 🙂. M2 or m4 (or m6)? - film forum - leica forum, The m6 ( an early model), does not feel as smooth as the m4, and the focus spot of the rangefinder is prone to flare. it's a good camera, but the m4 just feels better to me. sadly, both remain on the shelf while i use my m8 and digilux2..

Leica M4 Vs M6 - leica m6 vs leica m4-p - what's the difference?

a look at the leica m4, from the point of view of an slr user and first time leica user. follow us on instagram @pushingfilm music by i dunno by grapes i apologize for the video running a little long, i usually like to keep it shorter. but i did want to show you the comparison between these two cameras and their features.

Leica m4 vs m6? • r/analog - reddit, I can get the m4 from keh for $650 and can get an m6 for around $950ish. right now, i'm leaning towards the m6 for the built in meter, but if i went for the m4 i would have enough money to get the voigtlander vc meter ii that would stay on the m4 and would most likely be more accurate than the m6 meter.. M6 - m5 - m3 which would you buy?: leica talk forum, Kinda depends upon which lenses you like to shoot. if you favor a more wide angle range, go with the m6. if you want to shoot longer lenses up to 135mm, go with an m3 if you can find one with a good crisp viewfinder because the m3 has a larger viewfinder magnification for more accurate focusing.. M6 or m4-p? | amateur photographer, Like nick says. the m6 classic (as opposed to the ttl model) is effectively an m4-p with a meter. price-wise for used ones there probably isn't a vast difference between the two, so you might as well pick the m6..