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Camera 2019 - Max Camera Distance Script, Max camera distance macro -, Max camera distance macro. 37. vote up. gplus facebook tweet html widget. . macros are short code scripts that help players combine spells and abilities to perform powerful combos. about us; macro-wow is dedicated to providing the highest quality of macro content, guides, and news to world of warcraft players. .. How to increase camera distance? : wow - reddit, How to increase camera distance? submitted 3 years ago by the _button . hit enter and then scroll out as far as you can. make sure you're outside and have the camera tilted in such a way that objects behind you aren't preventing you from scrolling out more. . carbonite will set your max camera distance for you permanently as well. permalink;. Max camera distance macro - ui & macros - wowhead forums, I've read on tankspot that their is a macro that will scroll the camera distance out further then the scroll wheel on a mouse. . you can try the interface options > camera > slider all to the right of the camera distance. or copy paste this:/script setcvar ("cameradistancemax" ,50) . the max distance will be 50. the camera can not be ..

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Max Camera Distance Script - max camera distance change for legion

copy this link in chat: script setcvar("cameradistancemax",50) script if not iscurrentaction(59) then useaction(59) end; *** the numbers in the ( ) should be replaced with whatever number you have put your auto attack ability on your bars. *** below is a pic .

Max camera distance? - world of warcraft forums, Max camera distance? interface and macros . right, in wotlk i had a working macro that increased the maximum camera zoom beyond that provided by the in game options. since cataclysm none of the macros i have tried seem to make any difference. . /script setcvar("cameradistancemax",50) no luck :/ leeping <brave new world> 110 human warlock .. Console script for camera distance [help pls] - world of, Console script for camera distance [help pls] . i thought since cata they increased default camera distance so you can set it to max via interface options? anyway, in the old times i just macroed this command to hearthstone, but i guess that won't fix your problem, will need to spam it anyway on every log in. ..