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Camera 2019 - Minolta Rangefinder Cameras, Minolta hi-matic 7sii - 35mm film rangefinder camera, Why minolta chose to put such a tiny and dim finder on this camera is a universal mystery, but there’s little question that this miserable finder is the reason the 7sii finds little time in my bag when shooting the streets.. Minolta hi-matic - wikipedia, Minolta hi-matic af2 rangefinder camera made in japan 1981 hi-matic gf, 1984 hi-matic was the name of a long-running series of 35 mm cameras made by minolta .. Minolta - wikipedia, It is based on the leica rangefinder camera concept with the 39mm screw lens-mount. it uses the standard 35mm film in cassettes. the standard lens is the super rokkor 1:2.8 50mm. [citation needed] in 1950, minolta developed a planetarium projector, the first-ever made in japan, beginning the company's connection to astronomical optics..

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a look at a compact 1970's minolta hi matic f rangefinder. a look at the minolta 7s rangefinder camera released in 1966. when in auto mode you can half press the shutter button to lock the exposure.

Minolta 35 series rangefinder - photoethnography.com, Minolta began making cameras in 1928 as the "nichi-doku shashinki shokai" (japanese-german camera factory) and in 1937 was renamed chiyoda kogaku seiko kabushiki kaisha or chiyoko for short. one man was the heart of the company, kazuo tashima.. Minolta xd 35mm film camera review - casual photophile, With the advent of ebay i went full out collecting of minolta cameras from rangefinder, to tlr, to most all their film slr cameras except the low line xg cameras. they were flying under the radar by a mile back then and one could get an xd-11 for under $50 like i did. well that cover has pretty much been blown by now.. 9 rangefinder cameras worthy of note - the phoblographer, Mamiya 7 ii. when you think of a rangefinder camera, you often think about a 35mm shooter; but one of the best ever made had to be the mamiya 7 ii..

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