Photographer Dorothea Lange

sneak peek: great depression for fincher's "dorothea lange"

Camera 2019 - Photographer Dorothea Lange, Dorothea lange | american photographer |, Migrant mother, nipomo, california, photograph by dorothea lange, 1936; in the library of congress, washington, d.c. library of congress, washington, d.c.; lange’s first exhibition was held in 1934, and thereafter her reputation as a skilled documentary photographer was firmly established.. Dorothea lange | the dust bowl, Documentary photographer dorothea lange is best known for her work during the 1930s with roosevelt's farm security administration (fsa). born in hoboken, new jersey in 1895, lange studied .. Dorothea lange: a life beyond limits: linda gordon, Winner of the 2010 bancroft prize and the 2009 los angeles times book prize in biography: dorothea lange’s photographs define how we remember the depression generation; now an evocative biography defines her creative struggles and enduring legacy we all know dorothea lange’s iconic photos―the “migrant mother” holding her child, the gaunt men forlornly waiting in breadlines―but ..

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