Photographing Auras

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Camera 2019 - Photographing Auras, Aura photography: a candid shot - csi, More serious claims that the aura could be demonstrated scientifically through kirlian photography were publicized in the 1970s. in this non-camera technique a high-voltage, high-frequency electrical discharge is applied across a grounded object.. How to view your aura from a picture and aura color, There are also mantras there at the bottom of the picture to help you get to that aura color level. so anyways, have fun with this web site as you view your aura. scroll down to see the aura meanings. you can click on the pictures below and it will take you to the facebook page where i got the pictures.. Here's how one photographer, and her nifty handmade, Before color photography made it big, photographers immersed in the world of black-and-white imagery turned to sepia to capture a more gray-toned picture. sepia is an ink made from cuttlefish..

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