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Camera 2019 - Polycrates, Anacreon - wikipedia, Anacreon was born in around 582 bc at teos, an ionian city on the coast of asia minor.the name and identity of his father is a matter of dispute, with different authorities naming four possibilities: scythianus, eumelus, parthenius, or aristocritus.. History and culture of lesvos (lesbos) island, greece, History and culture of lesvos (lesbos) island, greece. the eastern mediterranean was one of the first cradles of mankind. not only modern man (homo sapiens sapiens) but his predecessors neanderthal man (homo sapiens neanderthalenis) and homo erectus settled early on the coasts, islands and inland regions of this area of the globe, so favored by nature.. Early church fathers - early christian writings: new, The following are early church fathers and apologists of the first and second centuries. the first eight or nine documents are also known as the apostolic fathers..

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Samos - wikipedia, Samos (/ ˈ s eɪ m ɒ s, ˈ s æ m oʊ s /; greek: Σάμος, greek pronunciation: ) is a greek island in the eastern aegean sea, south of chios, north of patmos and the dodecanese, and off the coast of asia minor, from which it is separated by the 1.6-kilometre (1.0 mi)-wide mycale strait.it is also a separate regional unit of the north aegean region, and the only municipality of the .. Travel-to-samos.com - the best guide to samos island, greece, Samos.an island with unique natural beauties. it is situated in east aegean sea, right across the shores of minor asia. an channel of 1200m (7 stadia in the ancient greek measure of length) separates the two of them.. Pythagoras | biography, philosophy, & facts | britannica.com, Pythagoras was a greek philosopher and mathematician. he seems to have become interested in philosophy when he was quite young. as part of his education, when he was about age 20 he apparently visited the philosophers thales and anaximander on the island of miletus. later he founded his famous school at croton in italy.. Tiran - wikipedia, Tiran (grieks: τύραννος, turannos, koning of alleenheerser) was in het oude griekenland de benaming voor een type alleenheerser dat aan de macht gekomen was niet door uitverkiezing en evenmin door erfrecht, maar door een staatsgreep, steunend op een lijfwacht of militie.vooral in de 7e en 6e eeuw v.chr. werden vele griekse stadstaten door tirannen geregeerd..

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